Quality Assurance

Validation and verification take up 40 per cent of effort, time, and resources in Product development. Fighting time-to-market and cost constraints, Factories often risk production quality without effective testing processes. The result is higher maintenance costs, increased chances of failure, and Buyer dissatisfaction.

UAC helps factories adopt systematic approaches and keeps a check by performing periodic Inspections. With UAC support factories are able to reduce time and efforts in Product developing and thus making the life-cycle more efficient.. Read More


Order Management

We firmly believe “Feedback is Breakfast of Champions” hence the need to keep our clients informed in all possible scenarios more so when the shipment is stuck or held up so as to have a thought thru corrective action put in place. A weekly updation system is in place for every order placed and at times a stage by stage inspection update is also sent if the product – Client so requires. Read More




Product Development

We are very proud of the consistency we ensure in the quality of products supplied to our clients. Trained personnel who understand the production processes staff our Quality Assurance Department. Quality is built in, not inspected for. Pre-production sampling, on-line inspections and visits to our vendors' suppliers are all routine. We know what can go wrong and have developed a preemptive strategy to forestall any errors that may result in defective quality. Special attention is given to proper packaging and labeling. It is pointless producing fine goods it they end up damaged or at the wrong destination!Products are extensively cataloged and detailed in product data sheets. Approved color samples are carefully maintained. Read More


UAC specializes in providing quality third party transportation management solutions to Buyers that want to achieve greater efficiencies within their supply chain. UAC has full-fledged team which specializes in customized, personal logistics services designed to save our clients time and money. For more than two decades, we’ve helped clients ship products around the world. We’re familiar with this industry, and recognize the time constraints and handling complexities involved.

When you work with UAC, you’re not going to navigate a confusing phone system, or talk to a different person every time. You’ll work with one of our total logistics solution experts who knows the shipping industry, and is ready to help get your product delivered on time. Read More


Travel Assistance

Be it a first time traveler or a regular, we have a great network of support staff that helps clients feel at home. The “Feel at Home” has now got extended to the extent that we even help friends of friends and travelers who call on us thru referrals and network. It is our endeavor to make your India visit pleasant and comfortable. It may or may not involve business but it involves making new friends and cherishing them long after they have returned to their homeland. We Welcome you to try us out to feel the Difference!.Read More

Social Responsibility

UAC has consciously tried to create an environment where in an individual’s beliefs, history and culture are nurtured. UAC strives to protect the environment, and educating the working community so as to bring forth the goodness of living with a clean green environment.UAC created a separate division in 2005 to address these needs We practice Code of Conduct and enforce these standards through a comprehensive supplier-monitoring program. Be it a Social Audit; CT-PAT or Raw Material legality issue. Our In-house team is fully trained and equipped to guide and ensure compliance is maintained at the factories. UAC advocates FSC in principle and promotes the cause relentlessly with its supply chain. UAC owners are as of last year are credited to bring forth the FSC COC certification to the Indian furniture industry and have more than 50% factories certified under the FSC laid principles. FSC does not accept the use of raw materials from sources where harvesting could have a negative impact on the local population. Read More

Other Service

UA Consultants over the years has grown and established itself as a work horse with multiple avenues to help and coordinate with Clients who are interested in India. UAC has another division under which it takes up Consultancy Projects. UAC consults and manages a wide variety of activities for a diverse Clientele under this division To know more about this division refer to Read More