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Quality Assurance

We are very proud of the consistency we ensure in the quality of products supplied to our clients. Trained personnel who understand the production processes staff our Quality Assurance Department. Quality is built in, not inspected for. Pre-production sampling, on-line inspections and visits to our vendors' suppliers are all routine. We know what can go wrong and have developed a preemptive strategy to forestall any errors that may result in defective quality. Special attention is given to proper packaging and labeling. It is pointless producing fine goods it they end up damaged or at the wrong destination!

Products are extensively cataloged and detailed in product data sheets. Approved color samples are carefully maintained.

UAC has tie ups with International testing labs to support its own Quality Control Services. The testing services cover product testing (properties) including packaging, finishing properties, etc. UAC tests its products using recognized industry testing protocols and works closely with manufacturers to identify, correct, and then re-test products following test failures.