Other Services

We offer lots of quality services to our client according to their requirement. We provide various types of consultancy services like Market Consultancy Services, Joint Ventures Consultancy, Joint Venture Services, Business Start-up Consultancy, Management Services and other Consultancy Services.

We support start-up ventures at all stages of the business cycle from identifying appropriate entry routes to assisting in deal structuring and providing post set-up services, which include.

**Entry Strategy 
**Location Studies 
**Partner Search & Evaluations 
**Regulatory Approvals 
**Representative Office Facility


We suggest, plan and implement entry strategy in India for your business by doing a SWOT analysis of the market/industry/segment and evaluating alternative entry options, like opening of Liaison Office, Branch Office or subsidiary based on the specific business requirements.

We offer various location studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different states , cities and districts based on well-defined multi-perspective geographic, political and economic parameters.

We help in partner search, evaluating their strengths and weakness, salience of India business house and family group, partnership structures, possible acquisitions.

We assist in processing various government clearances for our clients entering the Indian market. We arrange for the complete set of regulatory approvals required from Secretariat of Industrial Approvals (SIA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Registrar of Companies (ROC), and other concerned authorities.

We organize the office infrastructure and manpower during in the “in transit period” of a company when it is in the process of setting up office in India. 

Besides BPO Consultancy services, Joint ventures consultancy, We also help our clients optimize their business operations by providing a full range of State-of-the-art research services and in-depth industry expertise. We deliver the solutions for turning information into usable, structured knowledge through the use of both primary and secondary researches through our alliance partners.