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1.  Is UAC a Manufacturer? What kind of products does UAC manufacture?

UA Consultants is Service Provider with primary interests in the Home Décor Sector. We do not manufacture any product ourselves but have multiple factories that we source form. With a decade plus working in India we have a fair understanding of what all can be produced here in India and what cannot be…. Our Director has 18+ years of hands-on industry experience, and has worked with some of the world's best known buyers and met their expectations. We share this very knowledge with the Buyers and help making the intelligent decisions. We currently employ over 125 factories in 12 production centers across the country with production capacity of over 2.5 million pieces per month working with us. Between the factories and our own team we have close to 250 experienced QA/Technical Staff, Merchandisers and facilitators helping us to ensure Client demands are met.

2.  What kind of Services does UAC provide?

In simple words UAC perform the work of a liaison office--- Act as your eyes and ears in the Country”.

Explaining this is in detail UAC looks after…

•  Development and Sourcing of factories and samples thereof.
•  Coordinating and keeping track of all sampling and production related activities.
•  Schedule and coordinate deliveries in order to make it cost efficient and time managed.
•  Carry out regular Quality inspections on random basis or an AQL scale or as required for the product to qualify.
•  Plan consolidation and shipping so as to keep it cost efficient and effective.
•  Keeping the buyer updated and advised on the domestic market trends and new development as they happen.
•  Organize and plan domestic travel and meetings with the factory (travel cost to be borne by the buyer- all expenses done during the trip will be on a reimbursement basis).
•  We have the ability to plan Drop ship deliveries to any Port/ Warehouse in the USA.

3.  Where is UAC located?

UA Consultants is located in Faridabad, a suburb of New Delhi, approx 45 minute drive from the Delhi Airport. Apart from the Corporate Office it has 6 field offices established in major production centers around the country.

4.  Why UAC?

I.   Assured Product Quality Control with an established reporting Mechanism.
II.   Systematic stage by stage updation as needed in desired format.
III.   Multiple Sourcing and Competitive pricing options.
IV.   Single Window for all Payments & everyday Communication needs.
V.    Well managed logistic support with door to door delivery services.
VI.    A decade+ of reputed client base which can give referrals.
VII.   A World class Services on a Platter.

5.  How are Vendor Payments handled?

UAC offers its clients a unique opportunity to help them build confidence and smoothen their working with the country…


How do you trust a new factory? How do you make sure your payments are safe with the new factory whom you met for the first time and or are doing business with for a special onetime project.


A consolidated container is stuck in port owing to 1 factory not being able to trace its payments and not giving in a release.


Multiple vendor payments to be made first for advances and then for final releases incurring costs in documentation and multiple bank charges how to avoid or lessen them.

All of the scenarios as listed above are crucial issues faced by Most Intl Buyers at one stage or the other. UAC brings forth to its clients a Global solution in form of a “Single Window Clearance”.

UAC as the link pin whom the Buyer and a Seller both Trust. Hence it handles the payments by receiving a single transfer from the Buyer for advance or final release thus cutting down the multiple payment and account management for the buyer and simplifying the buyers requirements of the Seller.

The “single Window Clearance” assures the buyer a safety net for handling new factories and at the same time assuring new factories that the buyers intent is to establish trust.

6.  How does UAC get paid.

We work on a pre-agreed percentage as Service fee - calculated on the FOB value of goods. This ensures transparency for the buyer. We prefer receiving the service fee directly from our customers as we are their rightful representatives in the country. Under the “Single Window Clearance” UAC gets paid at the same time as the factories in part or full as would be the agreed terms.

UAC also works with certain Clients on a minimum Retainer ship Contract wherein they are required to perform certain duties on an ongoing basis. These terms of agreement may be discussed in more detail directly with the Director.

7.  Does UAC or its factories publish a Catalog and price list?

Product development is perennial at the factories thru out the year which would render a printed catalog obsolete. Hence it is not undertaken. But we do offer our clients customized catalogs on email to meet their needs.

8.  Do you make customize Product and provide Samples?

Yes. Our factories can make sample to customize your own designs and in a way we encourage this so as to keep items proprietary. However, we will charge you for the making and the shipping of the sample.

9.  Do you have a minimum quantity requirement for an Order?

Yes depending on the item and its value the MOQ will change; but a ground rule we prefer an order value to be above 3500.00 usd.

10.  How long will it take for a factory(s) to prepare an Order?

This depends on what and how much you order. Normally, the production time is about 8 to 10 weeks. We will give you specific information via return e-mail if otherwise.

11.  How long will the shipping take?

For airfreight shipment, transit time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks. For sea freight shipment, depend on the final destination, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks. Please advise your nearest port so we can inform you the shipping time more accurately.

12.  How Much Will the Shipping Cost?

The shipping cost depends on the final destination and size of the shipment. When we receive your order with the info of your port of delivery, we can then do some assessment and will be able to inform you the approximate shipping cost.

13.  What about the taxes and import duties in my country?

These vary from country to country, we suggest you contact your local customs broker / agent for a quote and recommend you to have some quotations from different broker. Generally goods from India incur very little or no import duties.