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A Company with a Difference - UA Consultants

Established in 2001 UA Consultants, is a renowned Quality Control and Sourcing Company. UAC is engaged in servicing Global Clients in the field of Home décor and Furniture. UAC enables its Buyers to procure a variety of products such as Lighting, Seasonal, House wares, Home Decor, Home improvement products, Patio & Garden, Textiles, Furniture & Rugs at competitive prices

UA Consultants is a Professionally Managed team operating offices pan India. We have our Corporate offices in Faridabad NCR, with field offices in Moradabad; Aligarh, Karur, Mumbai, Kochi and Jodhpur and Associate offices in Guangzhou-China. UAC also maintains a Design Studio in Charleston USA. UA Consultants is uniquely positioned to service its Buyers with a full range of Supply Chain Services when it comes to India.

UAC on date has grown to serve Retailers, and Wholesalers in more than 7 countries and offers them a unique blend of expertise which is rare to find and an asset to the Industry.

WE ACT, NOT REACT – hence our Motto "A Company with a Difference"

There are 4 main reasons why:

1) Competence 

UAC’s core competency is sourcing.  For a decade plus years all our resources have been devoted to this end.  UAC clients, as retailers, and importers, concentrate on their core competencies and rely on UAC's sourcing expertise to service their need.
UAC provides this expertise,transparently, efficiently, and cost effectively.

2) The Network

UAC’s integrated network of offices around the country provides the critical framework for directly accessing distant production locations, bypassing middlemen, and efficiently moving product from those locations to  the selling floor or distribution center.

3) Motivation

UAC’s clients demand results.  If they don’t get them, they go elsewhere. What better way to sharpen the mind than to know that we had better deliver or else?  Company-owned sourcing bureaucracies; heavily staffed or managed by expatriates are cumbersome, costly and permanent. 

4) Leverage

UAC leverages in depth reach and clout to achieve the best suited pricing. UAC's group of demanding clients exposes UAC to the world's best practices and efficiencies in compliance, production, and logistics.

                Thus the claim…….

"A Company with a Difference"

  Founded in 2001 by Uma & Ajay Abrol- UA Consultants is located in Faridabad, a suburb of   New Delhi, a 45 minute drive from the Delhi Airport

  What started as a helping hand in trying to help friends source the right product for their own   individual and collective needs turned out to be too good to be made into a fully fledged business.   2001 is when Uma started helping her friends source the right product from the right sources. She   also held Sourcing get-together albeit on a much smaller scale but a very successful one. 3 years at it and it was going good and steady. 2005 is when her Husband joined hands and there was no looking back since then….

Ajay Abrol is talented leader with Decade plus track record of delivering what has been committed. He is resourceful when it comes to the Indian Furniture and Gift Industry and often called upon for his frank opinion and review when planning projects in India. A known solution provider with strategic and execution abilities across all key functions Sourcing; Quality Control: Product Management and Supply chain issues from India Ajay started his Sourcing and Quality Control career in 1994 with Exim International working closely with managing Pier 1 Stores; Bombay Company; Hallmark Cards; Global Views; American Greetings and a few others US Importers here in India.



At UAC we believe in a Flat structure wherein everyone is his own boss and worker. We are a performance driven company and goals and targets matter. At the same time we understand that no work gets done unless it is approached cohesively and to this end team work is important. We firmly believe in team spirit and inoculate this in every member when he joins UAC. This gives the individual an opportunity to excel at the task at his hand but also giver her/him the opportunity to learn other fields of work other than the one he –she was tuned to before joining UAC. Just so it is easy to understand what functions does the in house team performs we have given a small brief as below:

  FINANCE- A uniquely set single window   service for our buyers and exporters. This    has become a usp which is much sought after    and desired by the Industry. This has been a    boon to the buyers in recent past and given    them the opportunity to feel comfortable and    plan better. The Finance team also take care  of day to day staff compensation and     compliance needs of the office.

COMPLIANCE AUDITS-  UAC has been instrumental in bringing global standards to the Indian industry for Social accountability towards Environment. UAC has worked closely with the Govt. of India and its member bodies in establishing a certified responsible level for the exporting community and helping them get certified by standards which are considered Global Best Practices (GBP). UAC has been holding  ongoing training programs for the exporting community to participate and get educated about the global needs and norms. UAC trainers and Counselors are well recognized in the industry and have established a rapport for their work.

QUALITY ASSURANCE- Our QA team has a minimum age experience of 10 years in the same trade doing the same job which in itself speaks volume of the expertise that we bring forth. We take pride in establishing a pre production checklist with the factory and having the factory supervisory team familiarize themselves with it.  We conduct a minimum of 3 stage inspection on all our shipments irrespective of the scale of business. Our team is apt at doing production planning, forecast, vendor evaluation, social compliance auditing, product and packaging audits.

LOGISTIC-  Apart from consolidation planning and accurate documentation, Logistics also keeps track of cargo delivery to the customer door. We are few of the vertical integrated companies who have their own ability to ship-receive and deliver the cargo to the customer door.

MERCHANDISING- The merchandiser is the key link who co-ordinates the program from inception to delivery at client warehouse. His primary responsibility is to source product of a desired specification or design per your request. Each project is handles by a 2 member team so as to ensure a consistent update and follow up is maintained with both ends buyers as well as with the factories.

UAC as an organization has grown over the years to manage
  • 125+ factories with production capacity of over 2.5 million pieces per month.
  • 300 experienced QA/Technical Staff, Merchandisers and facilitators .
  • 4 offices in key Production Cities.

  • All this with a less than 20 years of hands-on industry experience in meeting the demands of the world's best known Buying Companies. We believe we have just started on the journey and there is still a long way to go.



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